Visiting Potala Palace in winter

Situated on an altitude of 3,700 meters above the sea level on the top of Marpo Ri (red hill) in the center of Lhasa city, Potala Palace, with its long history and unique national characteristics architecture as well as its special value for study social history, culture, religion of Tibet, has been a world-famous attraction.

Hailed as "bright pearl on the roof of the world", Potala Palace was selected as UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. It is always a must-visited place for tourists who come to Tibet.

The Potala Palace charges 100 yuan for the ticket prices in low seasons, which starts from annual November 1 to April 30. Students (including undergraduate), disabled people, soldiers, teachers, and people aged above 60 can enjoy half-price discount by showing their relevant certification. In addition, tickets for children under 1.2 meters tall are available free of charge.

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