Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on India's General Election

Q: Results of India's general election has come out, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wins the election with landslide victory. What is China's comment on this election? What are China's expectations for future relations with India? How does China evaluate the role played by the Indian National Congress, Manmohan Singh in particular during his term of office as the Prime Minister, in advancing China-India relations?

A: We have noted that the result of India's general election has come out with the BJP winning with landslide victory. We congratulate the BJP on the victory.

China always values bilateral relations with India. In recent years, China-India relations have maintained a sound momentum of development. This year marks the year of friendly exchanges between China and India, and China, India and Myanmar are to hold a joint commemoration on the 60th anniversary of the announcement of the five principles of peaceful coexistence, both bringing new opportunities to China-India relations. China is willing to join hands with the new government of India to maintain high-level exchanges, deepen exchanges and cooperation in various fields and bring the strategic cooperative partnership for peace and prosperity between China and India to a new height.

In the past decade, China and India jointly established strategic cooperative partnership of peace and prosperity and brought tangible interests to people of the two countries thanks to notable progress achieved in friendly exchanges and mutual beneficial cooperation in various fields. The two countries reached the Agreement on the Political Parameters and Guiding Principles for the Settlement of the India-China Boundary Question and try hard in pursuing a fair and just solution acceptable to both parties through friendly negotiation. Peace and tranquility of the border area is ensured through joint efforts. Prime Minister Singh is committed to developing China-India relations and receives considerable respect from the Chinese people. The important remarks he made, for example, "China and India are cooperative partners rather than competitors" and " the world has enough room to accommodate the common development of both China and India", are widely known and acknowledged by people of the two countries. China commends Prime Minister Singh and the Indian National Congress on their positive efforts and significant contributions to pushing forward China-India relations.

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