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State Administration of Radio, Film and Television

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television(SARFT) falls under the direct supervision of the State Council. It is in charge of the country's radio, television and film industry and directly supervises China National Radio, China Radio International and China Central television. The Administration consists of the following departments: the General Office(the Legal Department), the General Editorial Office, the Film Bureau, the Broadcasting Affairs Supervision Department, the Personnel & Education Department, the Planning and Finance Department, the Science & Technology Department, the Foreign Affairs Department and the Security Department.

SARFT has signed agreements of radio, film and television cooperation and of news exchange with over sixty countries, and has participated in activities organized by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union(in the name of Radio and Television of the People's Republic of China, RTPRC for short), the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development and other international organizations.

Other organizations under the direct control of SARFT include: the China Film Group Corporation, the China Broadcasting Performing Arts Troupe, the China Council for TV Art, the Academy of Broadcasting Science, the Broadcasting Design Institute, the Radio & Television Publishing House, the China Film Art Center and the Information and Network Center.

The Website for SARFT iswww.sarft.gov.cn

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