The splendid Chinese culture and the hospitable Chinese people offer foreign
 tourists rich cultural and recreational activities including operas such as
 Beijing Opera, Shanghai Opera, and Henan Opera; acrobatic performances; and
 folk singing and dancing. Foreign Guests can know China better by joining in
 the celebrations of traditional festivals of China¬ís 56 ethnic groups.
 All hotel guestrooms are equipped with television sets where one can watch
 English programs on CCTV as well as local television stations. Foreign
 television programs are also available in hotels with satellite receivers.
 hotels have music bars, teahouses, bowling alleys, electric-game rooms,
 movie theatres, health centers, sauna and
 massage rooms, swimming pools, and dance halls.
 Foreign visitors can take part in sports activities, such as learning
 Chinese martial arts and tai chi, Every day, martial- fans do their morning
 exercise in parks and other open places, offering good learning
 opportunities for foreigners. Foreign visitors can also learn Chinese
 Martial arts at martial-art schools or short-term training classes in such
 places as Dengfeng County, where Shaolin Temple is located, and Chenjiagou,
 which is famous for the Chen-style boxing. Both are in Henan Province.
 In addition, there are skating grounds, shooting ranges, golf clubs, and
 other places for sports games in many municipalities. Special activities,
 such as grass skiing, sand surfing, and visiting hutongs, or lanes, are also
 available. Many tourist attractions offer tourist activities with local

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