Major Travel Services

Travel agencies in china are divided into two groups: international and
 domestic. The international travel agencies specialize in the inbound and
 outbound international travel and can also arrange domestic travel.
 There are 1.000 travel agencies operating in various provinces, autonomous
 regions, and municipalities of China. All of China¬ís leading travel
 services-such as China international Travel Service (CITS), China Travel
 Service (CTS), China Youth Travel Service (CYTS), and china comfort Travel
 (CCT)-have branches in various localities and at major scenic spots.
 The business scope of the international travel agencies includes the
 1. Organizing and arranging tourist activities for inbound and outbound
 individual travelers and tourist groups;
 2. Providing a complete guide service in foreign languages and local Chinese
 3. Reserving airplane, ship, and train tickets, and handling passports,
 visas, and various notarizations.

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