Water Transportation

China has a vast sea area with the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the South
 China Sea in the south. China's long coastline has ports in Shanghai,
 Tianjin, Guangzhou, Yantai, Qing dao, Qinhuangdao, Dalian, Beihai, and Hong
 These ports are vast and deep with beautiful surroundings, making them
 another choice for sightseeing in China.
 International Lines on the Sea
 A regular weekly line of the Sino-Japanese International ferry company runs
 between Shanghai and the Japanese cities of Kobe, Osaka, and Yokohama, A
 one-way trip takes 45 hours.
 The Yanjing Luxury Liner of the Jinshen Ship Company shuttles between
 Tianjin and Kobe once a week.
 The Daren passenger and cargo liner of the Dalian Daren Ship Company runs
 between Dalian and Inchon in South Korea twice a week. A one- way trip takes
 15 hours.
 Every week there are three regular runs between Weihai and Qingdao and
 Inchon by the luxury liners New Golden Bridge and Xiang-xuelan. A one-way
 trip takes 14 hours.
 Domestic Sea Lines
 Domestic sea lines link all Chinese port cities. The main lines include
 Shanghai-Dalian, Dalian-Tianjin,Dalian-Yantai, Shanghai-Qingdao,
 Shanghai-Guangzhou, Beihai-Guangzhou, Shenzhen-Zhuhai,and Zhuhai-Hong Kong.
 Routes on inland Rivers
 China¬ís mainland is crisscrossed by 226,800 kilometers of rivers, of which
 136,000 kilometers are navigated.
 The main routes on inland rivers include:
 1.The Grand Canal between Suzhou and Hangzhou, 146.6 kilometers long, where
 tourists can enjoy the beauty of regions of rivers and lakes.
 2.The Grand Canal-Changjiang river-Taihu Lake from Nanjing, Wuxi or
 3.Guilin via the Lijiang River and Yangshuo, 83 kilometers long.
 4.The Shanghai-Chongqing line, 2,399 kilometers in length, along the
 Changjiang River. There are 50luxury boats traveling in the Three Gorges.

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