Land Transportation

 Railways in China have developed rapidly, and many new domestic and
 international lines have been opened.
 The domestic lines include quasi-express trains, express trains, tourist
 trains, special expresses, and through
 The quasi-expresses include the Guangzhou-Kowloon Express and the
 Guangzhou-Shenzhen Express; Expresses trains starting at night and returning
 in the morning run between large municipalities; Tourist trains serve main
 tourist cities, offering convenient transportation or travelers in China;
 Railway coaches in China have two upper berths and two lower berths and two
 lower berths in each private room .
 The international railway expresses shuttle between Beijing, Ulan Bator, and
 Moscow, and Beijing, Manzhouli, and Moscow; Beijing and Pyongyang; Urumqi
 and Alma Ata; Beijing and Ulan Bator.
 2. Highways
 The highways in China have a total mileage of 1.18 million kilometers. These
 include 70 national highways and1,600 provincial highways. Great efforts are
 being made to construct more expressways and class I and Class II highways
 for motor traffic. The following expressways and Class |and Class || motor
 highways are convenient for tourists: Shenyang-Dalian, Beijing-Tanggu,
 Nanjing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Ningbo, Xi’an-Lintong,
 Xi’an-Baoji, Guiyang-Huangshi, Jinan-Qingdao, Guangzhou-Shenzhen,
 Guangzhou-Foshan, Chengdu-Chongqing, Fuzhou-Xiamen,Hainan Island Ring Road,
 Guilin-Liuzhou, Guangzhou-Shantou, and Luoyang-Kaifeng.
 The expressway transportation is featured by high grade, quality service,
 quality service, high speed, and
 simple procedure. Most coaches for this transport are comfortable, well
 equipped, either imported or jointly
 made with foreign companies. The average speed is 100 km/h.
 3.Getting Around a City
 Taxicab Service Taxicabs of varying types are available in large and
 medium-sized cities. A ride costs one or two yuan per kilometer.
 Subway In Beijing the subway consists of two lines:the East-West, which runs
 between Xidan and Pingguoyuan; and the Ring Line, along the 2nd Ring road. A
 subway ticket costs 2.00 yuan.
 The Shanghai No. 1 Subway Line runs from Jinjiang Garden to New Shanghai
 Railway Station. A subway ride costs 2.00 yuan.
 Bicycles In many tourist cities, such as Beijing, bicycles are for rent in
 hotels. People can also look around in Beijing by a three-wheeled vehicle
 driven by man

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