Instructions for Passport Replacement

(Updated July 25, 2018)

According to the new Passport Law of the People's Republic of China and the latest regulations concerned, a Chinese passport can not be renewed upon expiry and has to be replaced by a new one. To get your passport replaced, you need to submit the following documents:

1. An application form filled out in Chinese. If it is difficult for you to fill out the form in Chinese, you may choose an English form, but your name has to be written in Chinese characters;

2. One photocopy of your Certificate of Registration of Foreigners;

3. One photocopy of your Residential Permit which is still valid. (If you don't have your current Residential Permit, you may get a letter either from your regional Chinese organization or from a Chinese well known to this Embassy to prove your Chinese nationality);

4. Three recent color passport-size photos within 6 months taken with white or light blue background. The size of the photos should be 48mm X 33mm, the length of the head should be 28mm X 33mm, the width of the head should be 21mm X 24mm;

5. Your old passport (it will be cancelled and returned to you together with the newly issued passport).

You shall come to the Chinese Embassy when all the above-mentioned documents are ready. The new passport will be issued within 15 working days upon receiving these documents. The fee for passport replacement is Rs. 1600 per passport. The fee must be paid by Demand Draft.

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