Remarks by Ambassador Luo Zhaohui at Farewell Reception

(Taj Palace, May 27, 2019)

Mr. R.N. Anil, Secretary-General of Unity International Foundation,

H.E. Hans Castellanos, Dean of Diplomatic Corps,

Ladies and gentlemen, friends,


Thank you all for participating in today's farewell reception. Thank you, Mr. Anil, for conferring on me the Lifetime Achievement Award. This is a reflection of friendship from you, your organization as well as the Indian people. It will encourage me to do more for the bilateral relations.

30 years ago, I landed in India and started my first tenure here. 30 years later, I will depart India as I finish my second tenure. In the period of 30 years, I have witnessed the tremendous progress India has made, as well as the great development of China-India relations.

Metros and flyovers reflect the rapid development of India. The well organized election just finished a few days ago deeply impressed the whole world.

Within 30 years, China India two-way trade increased from 200 million USD to 95.5 billion USD. The two-way people to people exchanges have increased from several hundred a year to more than 1 million. More than 20000 Indian students are studying in China. There are more than 1000 Chinese companies doing business in India, creating 2 lakhs jobs for the locals. There are 3 fashionable things among the urban youths in China, namely watching Bollywood movies, tasting Darjeeling tea and practicing Yoga.

My second tenure starts from September 2016. I have witnessed ups and downs of the bilateral relations. We handled the Donglang incident properly and resolved the Masood listing issue. The first round of informal summit between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi was held in Wuhan and provided strategic guidelines to the relations. Right now we are implementing the consensus reached by the two leaders and working together to prepare the second round of informal summit. I am very optimistic about the future of our relations.

As a two-tenure diplomat in India and scholar of Indian history, I feel that this is no doubt one of the most important bilateral relations for both sides. The Chinese side attaches great importance to its relations with India, and is willing to work with the forthcoming new government to make the relations better.

First, we should break the circle of ups and downs of the bilateral ties and stabilize the relations.

Second, we should handle the bilateral relations beyond management and actively reshape the bilateral relations.

Third, we should focus on cooperation and narrow down the differences. Signing a bilateral friendship and cooperation treaty and free trade arrangement, reaching the early harvests of boundary talks, and synergizing the BRI with the development strategies of India, are the highest priorities for our future cooperation.

Fourth, we should strengthen the cooperation and coordination in international and regional issues. We have common interests in upholding the process of globalization, and against the trade bullying. We should move forward the China-India plus cooperation mode.

As I always say, life is short, and tenure is limited. The question I always ask myself is how to use the limited time to do more things for our relations. I feel lucky that my new assignment will allow me to continue to serve for our relations.


Last 2 year and 8 months is an unforgettable experience in my life. I would like take this opportunity to thank the Indian government, parliament, industrial and commercial sectors, media, think-tanks and also my colleagues from the diplomatic corps. China-India relations will not achieve so much without your support and efforts.

Last but not the least, I want to express my appreciation to my colleagues at the Embassy for their professionalism, team spirit and hard work. My thanks also go to my wife Dr. Jiang Yili. She has done a great job as a diplomat and scholar on Indian culture.

Friends never say goodbye. We only say see you later. I am sure we will meet again sometime and somewhere.

Thank you again for joining us tonight.

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