Remarks by Ambassador Luo Zhaohui at the Donation Ceremony by the Chinese Government to Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization

Remarks by Ambassador Luo Zhaohui at the Donation Ceremony by the Chinese Government to Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization

(AALCO Secretariat, 20 April 2018)

H.E. Dr. Kennedy Gastorn, Secretary General of AALCO,

Ambassadors, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Afternoon!

It is my great pleasure, on behalf of the Chinese Government, to donate some office equipments to AALCO. This is our latest support to AALCO.

China has been strongly supporting AALCO since it became a Member State 35 years ago.

We have nominated 1 Secretary General and 4 Deputy Secretaries General to AALCO so far. The 54th AALCO Annual Session was successfully held in Beijing in 2015. The China-AALCO Exchange and Research Program on International Law funded by the Chinese Government was held for 3 times. The 4th one will be held in Beijing and Hong Kong this September. The Chinese government has also provided financial support for the 56th AALCO Annual Session and seminars. We look forward to closer cooperation with AALCO.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. Integration with the world is one of the most important reasons for China’s success. A year ago in Davos, President Xi Jinping sent a very clear message to the world that China firmly supports globalization and free trade and is against protectionism. President Xi also pointed out that we should uphold multilateralism, safeguard the authority and effectiveness of multilateral institutions, and build a fair and just governance model.

President Xi announced at the recent Boao Forum for Asia that China’s door to the outside would not shut but only open wider, and put forward important policies for China’s further opening-up. One of them is to further promote the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Most of the 47 Member States are countries along the routes of BRI. AALCO could build a platform for legal cooperation with regard to BRI, and play a bigger role in trade and investment dispute mediation and arbitration. We also look forward to working with AALCO to improve global governance in international law, promote a more just and equitable international order, and uphold the sovereignty and development interests of Asian and African countries.


We know that AALCO is the only inter-governmental legal organization covering Asia and Africa. It is a platform for Asian and African countries to participate in international legal cooperation and represent the aspirations and common interests of developing countries. We wish AALCO a brighter future.

As we all know, Prof. Gastorn has a great personality, works very hard, and has done a great job for AALCO’s development. We appreciate that.

We are also grateful to his team, including the newly appointed Deputy Secretary General Madame Wang Liyu. I have known her for more than 20 years. She is smart, knowledgeable and very experienced in international legal affairs. She has played a big role in making today’s donation possible. I wish her every success at AALCO.

Thank you!

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