Remarks by Ambassador Luo Zhaohui At the Spring Festival Gala for Indian Alumni of China

(Le Meridien New Delhi, 13 February 2018)

Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor of Jindal Global University,

Prof. Anita Sharma of Delhi University,

Prof. Mukherji of Jawaharlal Nehru University,


Namaste! A very Good Evening!

It is my great pleasure to participate in today’s function.

The function has a very special significance. It is the first time that the Chinese Embassy co-hosts a function with the Indian institute for Indian Alumni in China.

It is the first time that so many alumni getting together to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival.

To my knowledge, there are around 20,000 Indian students in China now, and around 2000 Chinese students in India. Comparing with my first tenure in India around 30 years ago, this is a very big progress.

Among the guests present here, Prof. Anita and Prof. Muhkerji both graduated from Fudan University. I know for Prof. Anita, her romantic story took place in China.

From my side, there are two alumni of Delhi University. My wife Dr. Jiang Yili graduated from DU in the early 90s. She is the first Chinese getting the PHD degree in India. The Educational Chief of the Embassy Ms. Sun Meixing also graduated from DU.

Ms. Sun’s father is a former diplomat at my Embassy in charge of the educational affairs a few years ago. Two generations share the same responsibility. Let’s give them a big applause.

In my opinion, such progress of students exchanges between India and China is far from enough.

Last year China attracted 450,000 students from abroad. More than 550,000 Chinese students went abroad.

That means China-India students exchanges have a lot of things to do.

Looking back into history, prominent masters like Xuan Zang, Fa Xian and Bodhidharma travelled long distances between India and China. They left us with rich legacies and set great examples for us.

Today as we are standing on the shoulders of the history, we should do better than our forefathers in personnel and cultural exchanges.

As I always say, one student studying abroad may attract at least one hundred people to focus on the host country.

Education naturally connects different cultures, different people and different countries. It is an easy way for culture integration and exchanges.


What should we do next to promote the bilateral educational cooperation?

First, promote mutual understanding of the educational system and educational resources. At Dali University of Yunnan Provinces, there are more than 300 Indian students studying. Most of them are majored in Medical Studies. Last month, Universities from Yunnan Province organized an Educational Expo in New Delhi. Jindal Global University, under Vice Chancellor Kumar’s leadership, has signed MOUs with a lot of key universities of China. This is a good way.

Second, provide more government scholarship. Encourage and attract more students to study in China or India. The Chinese Embassy just published a book named Study in China to give Indian students more information about scholarship.

Third, sign an agreement on the mutual recognition of higher education degrees. The Chinese side has provided a draft to the Indian side. We are working on it now.

Fourth, consider establishing an Association for Indian Alumni graduated from China.

Last but not the least, maintain a stable and friendly bilateral relationship. We have to be realistic. As two largest neighboring countries, China and India have some differences. We want to put aside the disputes and focus on the cooperation and make our future better.

Last year, our relations witnessed ups and downs. President Xi and Prime Minister Modiji met in Xiamen last September. They agreed to turn over the page, make the Dragon and the Elephant dance together and make One plus One Eleven.

Recently State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited India successfully. The Pilgrimage arrangements for this year have been made now. Bilateral trade last year reached 88 billion US Dollars, increasing 20% compared with the year before. A Chinese Ballet and a Folk Arts Troupe performed in India. Aamir Khan’s new movie Secret Superstar got a great box office in China. I am sure that more positive energy will be put into our relations.


According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we will enter the Year of the Earth Dog in 2 days. In Chinese culture, the dog is regarded as a symbol of loyalty, bravery and good luck. I wish everyone here today a happy and prosperous Year of the Dog.

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