Ambassador Luo Zhaohui celebrates the Holi Festival with India Press

On March 9, H.E. Ambassador Luo Zhaohui and his wife Dr. Jiang Yili held the Holi Festival celebration with India press in Chinese Embassy.

The celebration is cosponsored by Indian Association of Foreign Affairs Correspondents and the Foreign Correspondents' Club of South Asia, which are two influential correspondent institutes in India. Two hundred people from India newspapers, news agency, TV channels and think tanks attended the celebration.

H.E. Ambassador Luo Zhaohui extended warm festival greetings to India friends and mainly introduced the two sessions which are being held in Beijing.


Mr. Vijay Naik, Convenor of India Association of Foreign Affairs Correspondents and Mr. Venkat Narayan, President of the Foreign Correspondent's Club of South Asia delivered warm speechs.

H.E. Ambassador Luo Zhaohui also presented prize to the winners of social media competition for"Visit to China".

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