Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Luo Zhaohui on the Occasion of the "Happy Chinese New Year" Performance

                                                                  January 18th 2017, Kamani Auditorium

Dr. Udit Raj, Member of Parliament,

Ambassador Amarendra Khatua, DG of ICCR,

Dr. Aruna Sharma, Secretary, Ministry of Steel,

Mr. Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General, ICEC

Distinguished geusts, Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am delighted to join you tonight in celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. This year is the Year of Rooster starting from 28th of January.

For a Chinese, Lunar New Year Festival is just like Diwali in India, the most important festival. No matter where you are, or how far away you are, people always rush back to their families for reunion. Both Indian and Chinese people cherish family values very much. Tonight, we are here celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year together like a family.

In Chinese culture, the golden rooster stands for vitality and courage. On this occasion, I wish all the Indian friends and Chinese friends present good fortune in the Year of Rooster, and I also wish China and India enjoy everlasting friendship.

As you all know, China and India are both countries with long history and diversified civilizations. As a unique part of the Chinese culture, the culture of Xinjiang is wonderful in many ways. In the following dances and songs by the Xinjiang Artists, you will have a taste of it and gain deeper understanding of the Chinese culture.

Culture and arts are borderless. As two close neighbours, cultural exchanges between China and India date back thousands of years. Last week, I visited the Ajanta Caves. I was amazed to discover many elements of Chinese culture in the sculptures and frescos there. In the performances tonight, you may also find some elements of Indian culture. This is a continuation of China-India cultural exchanges in the new era and proof of the long-standing integration between our two civilizations. Let us enjoy the show!

Thank you!

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