Tibetan Farmers' Per Capita Net Income Grows at 14% Annually During 2006-2010


With continuous investment in agriculture-related fields in Tibet Autonomous Region, local farmers and herdsmen's per capita net income is expected to reach 4,000 yuan by the end of the 11th-Five-Year Plan period (2006-2010) with the annual growth rate hitting 14 percent.

Besides, urban residents' per capita disposable income will reach 12,000 yuan by then.

In the past five years, Tibet has largely increased spending on "San Nong" issues (farmers, rural villages and agriculture), endeavoring to improve people's living condition and to build up a new socialist countryside.

The region has pumped a total of 3.4 billion yuan in the development of local agriculture and animal husbandry, up 64.3 percent year-on-year while the per capita cash income of rural people has reached 2,685 yuan.

Last year, 80 percent of the Tibetan farmers with poor housing condition moved into new houses one year ahead of schedule. In 2010, the regional government focuses on the final phase of the plan and it is expected that all the rest of 20% or 42,000 rural people will be provided housing by the end of this year.

Moreover, another 527 million yuan are invested in improving the environment of 500 administrative villages, and giving 179,500 farmers access to electricity and 310,000 farmers to safe drinking water.

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