The first Image Competition for College Students kicks off in Tibet


The first Image Competition for College Students, "Tibet through My Eyes" kicks off in Tibet on Aug. 19, 2010. Students from over 50 universities compete for DV and Photograph award.

The official website of the competition, Tibet328.cn will release latest reports on competition progress and perform as a platform to publish works by participants. The competition includes three major themes: Landscape, Culture and Development of Tibet. Landscape of Tibet shows the landscape and the environment protection in Tibet and Culture of Tibet reveals the distinctive customs and positive inner spirit of ethnic groups living in Tibet, while Development of Tibet represents achievement of Tibet in economy, science, education and culture.

Real life becomes the major concern in the first image competition. College students feel the real Tibet through the cameras in their hands by recording people and their daily life. Their cameras will show Tibetan distinctive landscape, culture, and achievements in all walks of life which Tibet has made through the past 51 years, especially the past 32 years since the opening-up and reform policy.

The first Image Competition for College Students, jointly organized by China International Communication Network Centre, Tibet328.cn, Television Broadcasting Science Research Society and School of Television and Journalism of Communication University of China. The deadline for sending works to the competition committee is Nov. 10, 2010.

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