Central Government Spends 3.14 Billion Yuan Boosting Economy in Tibet's Rural Areas



The central government has allocated 3.14 billion yuan to Tibet to carry out projects in the agriculture and animal husbandry during the 11th-Five-Year plan period, 10 times more than the previous plan of this kind.

The fund has contributed to the growth of per capita added income of rural people which is reported as 13 percent that year. With six years' efforts, the per capita net income of rural people stands at 647 yuan.

Since implementation of the 11th-Five-Year Plan, 570,000 rural Tibetans have accessed to biogas energy after a total of 114,000 biogas pools were built in the rural areas.

Thanks to the preferential policies and technical support, the region yielded 920,000 tons grain, 550,000 tons vegetable, 257,300 tons meet and 310,000 tons milk during the period, up 28 percent, 20 percent and 15 percent more than that in 2005.

Tibet also spent 250 million in publicizing and teaching agricultural and pastoral technology in 685 villages, greatly improving the scientific and technological standard. The contribution rate for the scientific and technological progress in agriculture and animal husbandry has risen from 32 percent during the late 10th-Five-Year Plan to current 36 percent.

To date, in Tibet there are 55 major enterprises engaging in agriculture and animal husbandry projects, generating a total output of 1.44 billion yuan, up 20 percent year on year.

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