Lhasa Welcomes Xmas Day


Christmas Day is coming and the festive atmosphere prevails here and there in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Businessmen also get ready for this opportunity and festival market is full of Christmas products.

At a supermarket, a salesman wearing a Christmas hat said:" We started prepare for the festival since December 10 and now customers may find different elements about Xmas in our market. Here every staff gets a Xmas hat and it makes the market full of festive atmosphere."

At a cafe, a tall Xmas tree attracts customers. And one can also find pictures of Santa Claus and blessing words. The owner said they would prepare more decorations for a more beautiful cafe in Xmas Day.

A Mr. Liu at Zhonghe International Market is really happy in recent days as since December 13, his business is really good by selling Xmas trees and Xmas hats. "We provide really cheap products and people's living standard also improves a lot, so many citizens come here to choose decoration products, "said Mr. Liu.

Many citizens start to prepare for the festival. A Ms. Fang with a Xmas hat said:" Though it is a foreign festival, we still want to have a celebration with friends as we really enjoy the festive atmosphere."

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