2nd Phase Repair of Potala Palace Wins Cultural Relics Protection Award


Headquarters of the 2nd phase project to repair Tibet's architecture icon Potala Palace won the "Special Award of Cultural Relics Protection".

The 2nd phase renovation of the Potala Palace is a successful example to protect cultural relics in Tibet Autonomous Region.

The project started in 2002 and concluded in 2009, 64 related items were involved. Funded with more than 200 million yuan, the project has finished repairing fresco of 1,722 square meters and Zhol City of 50,000 square meters. 303 households in its vicinity have moved while areas with 60,000 square meters were environmentally improved.

Following the completion of project to renovate the three cultural relics in Tibet, the project to protect Tibet's key cultural relics during the 11th-Five-Year period has entered the stage of implementation.

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