Development of Tibetan-language Information for Mobile Phone Starts


Project of joint research of Tibetan-language information for mobile phone was launched recently in Lhasa. In the near future, Tibetans will be able to use Tibetan language to operate their mobile phones, receive and send messages.

The project is designed to meet the needs of both Windows mobile and Symbian operating systems. Users will be able to download software in Tibetan language which support short message editing and sending.

A staff member showcases a mobile phone with the function of Tibetan short message service in Lhasa,

capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, on November 20, photo from Xinhua.

The software is co-developed by Tibetan University and China Mobile. Information in Tibetan language will be provided by Xinhua News Agency's Tibet Bureau.

An important achievement of localization of Telecommunication technology, the project shows China's emphasis on the passing of ethnic minorities' culture, Zhang Chunjiang, party secretary of China Mobile said.

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