Tibetan Grandma Honored for Hoisting National Flag for 44 Years


Cering Qoezhoen, a 99-year-old Tibetan woman, has been honored for keeping hoisting China's national flag everyday for the longest time in China.

The woman has persisted in hoisting the national flag every morning in her home yard in Zham Township, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet, for the past 44 years since 1965 when Tibet Autonomous Region was founded.

Cering Qoezhoen, a 99 years old grandma of Tibetan ethnic group, uses her head to touch Chinese national flag devoutly at Zham Township in Xigaze, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, April 5, 2009, photo from Xinhua.

Born in 1910, Cering Qoezhoen was forced to serve as a laborer to carry goods on her back when she was only ten years old.

She got to know the People's Liberation Army, China's armed forces, and the Chinese national flag when the democratic reform was initiated in 1959 throughout the region.

She came to realize that only the People's Liberation Army could save her and only the Communist Party of China could save the one million serfs in Tibet.

Then, Cering began to hoist the national flag in her home yard when Tibet Autonomous Region was officially founded in 1965.

In the past 44 years, she has kept 17 national flags she hoisted by herself.

Cering said cheerfully, "The honor serves as a witness to my loyalty to the motherland. I just have done what I ought to do. I'd like to thank the leaders of the Party and the government for their care for me and I promise to hoist the national flag everyday over Zham."

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