Tibet's Nyingchi: Best Autumn Honeymoon Destination


 Nyingchi Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region is located in southeast Tibet, which is mostly untouched land with verdant mountainous terrain and clear waterways. Yarlung Tsangpo River, Baksum Tso Lake, Bon Ri Sacred Mountain, Pugu Monastery are the main tourist destinations in Nyingchi.

Called "throne of the sun" in Tibetan, Nyingchi is where the Himalaya and Tanggula mountains extend from west to east, like huge dragons lying side by side. Because of the large numbers of river valleys and alpine gorges, Nyingchi is referred to as the "Switzerland of Tibet".

Due to the high winds from the Indian Ocean, Nyingchi enjoys temperate semi-humid weather. This climate promotes the growth of lush and green forested areas. It is romantic to spend honeymoon in autumn there.

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