Tibetan Art, Archeology Exhibition opened in Tokyo


    The photo exhibition on Tibetan art & archeology opened in the Ueno Royal Museum of Tokyo, capital of Japan, on September 18.

    The exhibition is set to run till January 11, 2009.

    A total of 123 items of cultural relics, including 36 state first-class cultural relics, from China's Tibet Autonomous Region, are displayed on the tour exhibition.

    "Attractive and of great local characteristics, Tibetan culture is an important part of Chinese century-old culture," said Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cui Tiankai said.

    "Especially since the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the region has achieved an unprecedented progress in social and economic factors, together with the effective protection and, inheritance of Tibetan culture," Cui added.

    According to Liu Shuguang, director of the State Bureau of Cultural Relics, items on display reflect objectively and truly the cultural traditions of Tibet on all sides, embody Tibetan people's understanding and attitude of mind toward nature, society, history, religion, culture and art.

    Liu thought the exhibition incarnated the interdependence of Chinese ethnic groups in the course of history.

    Consisted of three parts with different themes, namely "Inheritance and Development of Tibetan Buddhism Culture", "Essence of Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism"  nd "Communications between Tibet and Dynasties of Yuan, Ming and Qing", the tour exhibition once opened in the Kyushu National Museum and Hokkaido State Art Gallery, Japan, attracting more than 20,000 tourists.

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