3G communication service available in Tibet


    Tibet marked its entry into 3G communication epoch with the third-generation (3G) communication services available in Lhasa on May 1st.

    The 3G communication services used by China Telecom are the upgrade generation CDMA2000 EVDO which is much more efficient than CDMA 1X. And consumers enjoyed such high-speed wireless digital communications very much. Mr. Liu, a citizen in Lhasa said:" I was impressed by the high speed of 3G. I spend less than 5 minutes to download a movie with high audio and video quality. "

    3G services will initially cover major facilities in Lhasa's urban area, such as hotels, business clubhouses, the railway station and the airport. Moreover, the fees for the 3G mobile service will not exceed the current level with rich service packages to meet different requirements.

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