Figures on modern education system in Tibet


    In old Tibet, there were no formal schools for Tibetan children with enrollment rate less than 2 percent and 95 percent illiteracy rate. Since the democratic reform in Tibet, China's central government has taken active measures and invested a huge amount of funds in education of Tibet, boosting the compulsory education developing in both urban and rural areas.

    Up to 2008, 73 counties (cities, districts) have been popularized the six years compulsory education with 6.3 average years of education for per capita. Moreover, the enrollment rate of primary school-age children reached 98.5 percent and the literacy rate dropped less than 2.4 percent.

    At present, there are 14,667 children in kindergarten, 312,000 students learning in primary schools, 140,000 in middle school, and 45,000 in senior high school.

    To sum up, a modern and comprehensive education system has been set up in Tibet. Tibetan students could receive formal education since early childhood.

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