Tibet photo exhibition opens in Montreal


    A photo exhibition on Tibet opened Sunday in Montreal, Canada's largest French-speaking city, providing a window for local people to better understand the past and present of Tibet.

    "Tibet is mysterious and inspiring to many but little known or even misunderstood and prejudiced by a few people," Chinese ambassador Lan Lijun said in a brief speech at the launching ceremony of the exhibition held in the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Center.

    "I believe that real knowledge of Tibet binds what Tibet was and what it is now," he said. "Only through this approach can we compare the present with the past and know Tibet from a dialectic and reasonable perspective."

    Marcel Tremblay, city councilor of Montreal, Fatima Houda-Pepin, member of the National Assembly of Quebec province, and Alexandra Mendes, member of the Federal Parliament, were among more than 100 people who attended the launching ceremony.

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