Tibetologists introduce changes of Tibet to UK


    A Chinese delegation of Tibetologists, led by Gelek, deputy director-general of China Tibetology Research Center held a symposium on topics of Tibet at University of Westminster in London on April 28th.

    Some history materials about the dispute on Tibet between China and Britain in the centenary, especially the wars Britain invaded Tibet for twice have been introduced by Professor Hu Yan.

    Wang Xiaobin, a researcher of China Tibetology Research Center described the history about the rebellion in Tibet during 1950 and 1959. The developments of education and culture in Tibet are also stressed to the more than 50 audience in England. In addition, a photo exhibition on Tibet's past and present was held on the symposium.

    Dr Anand, an Indian scholar of University of Westminster felt impressed by the academic atmosphere at the symposium. He expressed such symposium should be held  more and let people all over the world to witness the future of Tibet.


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