What is China's comment on Chen Shui-bian's declaration of the "National Unification Council" shall "cease to function" and the "National Unification Guidelines" shall "cease to apply"?

Despite the strong opposition from people across the Taiwan Straits and the international community, Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian has declared that the "National Unification Council" shall "cease to function" and the "National Unification Guidelines" shall "cease to apply." On 27th, February, Chen doesn't use the premeditated word "abolish" but the word "cease." But it is just a play of words to cheat the Taiwan public and the world. Chen Shui-bian's intention of seeking "Taiwan independence" is known to all. It is apparent he attempts to speed up "Taiwan independence" through putting an end to the council and guidelines, yet he lies that the move "doesn't involve the change of the status quo". It is apparent he has malevolently challenged the peace across the Taiwan Straits and created tension in cross-Straits relations, yet he uses the excuse that "the mainland poses threat to Taiwan." It is apparent he has overturned the established foundation for cross-Straits talks and closed the door to cross-Straits consultation, yet he prattles about "building an effective mechanism to promote mutual trust and communication through consultation and dialogue". It is apparent he has selfishly attempted to impose the nightmare of "Taiwan independence" advocated by a few people on the 23 million Taiwan people, yet he calls it "respects the free choice of Taiwan people." Such tricks of Chen Shui-bian have already been seen through by the world. He will only end up hurting himself in this farce.

It must be pointed out that the level and danger of "de jure independence" activities, pushed by Chen Shui-bian through 'constitutional reform', continues to rise. If Chen's goal is achieved, it will pose grave threat to peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits and in the Asia-Pacific region in general. At present, to resolutely oppose and check Chen Shui-bian's activities to push "de jure independence" through "constitutional reform" is the most important and most urgent task.

Our struggle with the 'Taiwan independence' secessionist forces headed by Chen Shui-bian is the radical struggle between defending or ruining peace across the strait, developing or destroying prospect of the cross strait relationship, and safeguarding or damaging the fundamental interests of mainland and Taiwan people. Chen Shui-bian has obstinately promoted radical 'Taiwan independence' line and stirred up all-round confrontation and conflict within Taiwan and across the Taiwan Straits. It will only bring disaster to the Taiwan society." "Taiwan independence" runs counter to the mainstream of Chinese history and current trends of development and it goes against the will and aspiration of the 1.3 billion Chinese people. It is doomed to fail.

It is the shared responsibility and unswerving goal of Chinese home and abroad including Taiwan compatriots to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification of the motherland and promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Taiwan compatriots are our blood siblings. No matter in what circumstances, we will consider Taiwan compatriots well and do everything possible to take care of and preserve the legitimate rights and interests of Taiwan compatriots. We will promote cross-Straits personnel exchanges and economic and cultural exchanges and advance the process of direct links of mail, shipping and trade. The mainland will work with Taiwan compatriots to safeguard and promote the peaceful and steady development of cross-Straits relations and to strive for peaceful reunification. However, we resolutely oppose 'Taiwan independence' and will never allow 'Taiwan independence' secessionist forces to secede Taiwan from the motherland under any name or by any means.

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