Response to media query by Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Ji Rong on the decision of the Ministry of Education of India to review China-India higher education cooperation program including Confucius Institutes

Q:It is reported that the Ministry of Education of India has decided to review Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms jointly established by China’s Confucius Institute and 7 Indian universities and colleges, as well as 54 Memoranda of Understanding on inter-school cooperation signed between Indian and Chinese higher education institutions. What is your comment?

A:With increasingly close economic, trade and cultural exchanges between China and India, the demand for Chinese language teaching in India is growing. China-India cooperation on Confucius Institute Project has been carried out for more than 10 years. All Confucius Institutes were established by the Chinese and Indian universities after signing legally binding cooperation agreement in accordance with the principles of mutual respect, friendly consultation, equality and mutual benefit, and on the premise that the Indian side applied voluntarily and met the conditions for running the Institute. The school-running mode of Confucius Institutes has always been “foreign side mainly managing, Chinese side assisting and both sides raising funds jointly”. Over the years, Confucius Institutes have played an important role in promoting Chinese language teaching in India and China-India people-to-people and cultural exchanges. This has been generally recognized by the Indian education community.

We hope Indian relevant parties can treat Confucius Institutes and China-India higher education cooperation in an objective and fair manner, avoid politicizing normal cooperation, and maintain healthy and stable development of China-India people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

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