Counselor Ji Rong, Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Responds to Query about Media Report "China Denies Permission to Gandhi Event at Beijing Park"

Q: There has been report by Indian media that the 150th birth anniversary celebration of Mahatma Gandhi was held in the Indian Embassy premises in Beijing because the relevant local authority denied permission for it to take place in its chosen venue at Chaoyang Park of Beijing. Could you explain the reason?

A: I have noted the relevant report. We have learned that due to the celebration activities of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Indian embassy in China has been advised to hold this year's 150th birth anniversary celebration of Mahatma Gandhi somewhere else. It's purely for technical reasons. Mahatma Gandhi is an important historical figure who led India to shake off colonial rule and win independence. He is widely respected in China and the world. The Chinese side welcomes the hosting of relevant events in China to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi.

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