"Happy Chinese NewYear" show by Xinjiang Art Theater Song and Dance Troupe gained success

Kamani Auditorium in New Delhi was decorated with red laterns and thronged with people on January 18th. Presented by the Ministry of Culture P.R.C, the "Happy Chinese New Year" performance by Xinjiang Art Theater Song and Dance Troupe gained huge success. It was the highlight of "Happy Chinese New Year" program held in India in 2017. H.E Ambassador Luo Zhaohui and his wife Counselor Jiang Yili, Director General of Indian Council for Cultural Relations Mr. Amarendra Khatua, Secretary of Ministry of Steel Ms. Aruna Sharma, Lok Sabha Member Mr.Ujit Raj etc. enjoyed the performance together with over 800 audiences.

Ambassador Luo delivered a speech, in which he introduced the Chinese New Year culture and the values it contains. He pointed out that the cultural exchanges between China and India, two history-honored neighboring countries, date back thousands years ago. He was convinced the audiences shall know deeper about Chinese culture through the performances from Xinjiang, China.

Mr. Khatua and Ms. Sharma made good wishes to the Chinese people for the Chinese New Year in their speeches and expressed their thanks for the "Happy Spring Festival" performance brought by Xinjiang Art Theater Song and Dance Troupe. Both of them are expecting more cultural exchanges in the coming year.

The show started with group dance "celebration", which was full of festive atmosphere, enthusiasm and reflected the spirit of Chinese people and their aspiration in pursuit of a better life. "Stomping dance" showcased a pleasant spring trip of young ladies, inspiring the audience's imagination of the spring. The Hindi song "Tum Hi Ho", which means “you are the only one", caused sensation among audiences and the atmosphere in the auditorium reached a climax. Acrobatic programs such as "shaking hoola hoops" "hand technique" "Tiezhuan" made the audience feel nervous but won big applause thereafter. The last program "Uyghur Dolan Maxrap", which was rich in regional flavor, led the whole event to another climax with its passion. The show came to end successfully in the applause and cheers of the audience.

After the show, the audience thronged to the stage to take photos with the artists. An audience from New Delhi said that last year he enjoyed the "Happy Chinese New Year" program. This year he had been looking forward to it ever since he noticed the news. He said the show was truly spectacular! He wished that he would have the opportunity to watch another performance next year.

To accompany the above performance, Chinese Embassy in India arranged the "Happy New Year" photo exhibition. Audiences enjoyed the joyous scenes and moving moments from the "Happy Chinese New Year" program all over the world in 2016 through the photos.

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