Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yan Meets With Indian Scholar B.R. Deepak

On 15 August 2011, Chinese Ambassador to India Zhang Yan met with Indian scholar B.R. Deepak, who is currently professor of Chinese Studies, Doon University and an associate professor of the Center of China and Southeast Asia Studies in the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Ambassador Zhang congratulated Mr. Deepak for winning the Fifth Special Book Award of China, appreciated his work to promote the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and Indian people by means of teaching the Chinese language, doing research and writing books on Chinese culture and China-India relations, among which his translation of famous ancient Chinese poems into Hindi is the first practice ever. Ambassador Zhang Yan also encouraged him to make even greater contribution to the cultural exchanges between China and India.

Mr. Deepak thanked the Ambassador for receiving him. He introduced his plans to translate more classic Chinese books into Hindi to help the Indian people learn more about excellent Chinese thoughts and cultures, and expressed his will to further promote the Chinese language teaching in India.

They also exchanged views on China-India relations.



Mr. Deepak once studied in China and obtained his PhD in Chinese history and language from the Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has been doing research on China-India relations and Chinese culture for a long time. Among his works there are India & China 1904-2004, Chinese-Hindi Dictionary, Chinese Poetry: 11th Century BC to 14th Century Prakashan Sansthan (both in Chinese and Hindi). Mr. Deepak will attend the Awarding Ceremony of the Fifth Special Book Award of China held in Beijing by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China on 30 August, 2011.

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