Charge d'Affaires of Chinese Embassy in India Mr. Zhang Yue Attends the Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between Jiangxi Province, China and Friends of China Society(India)

Vice Governor of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government & President of Jiangxi People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Mr. Sun Gang visited India with his delegation from 23 to 27 May, 2011.


On May 23, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Jiangxi People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Friends of China Society(India). Charge d’affaires of Chinese Embassy in India Mr. Zhang Yue, Member of Parliament and Patron-in-Chief Mr. Pyarimohan Mahapatra, Former Chief Election Commissioner of Government of India Dr. G.V.G Krishamurthy, Chairman of Orissa Tourism Development Corporation & Secretary General of Friends of China Society (India) Dr. Jyotikar Mohapatra also took part in this event.


Representatives from both sides made warm remarks during the ceremony. Vice Governor Mr. Sun Gang and the Indian hosts highlighted the economy, tourism, culture, etc. of Jiangxi Province, China and Orissa, India. They also stated that not only the signing of this memorandum is a great opportunity to enhance mutual exchanges and cooperation, but also there is a possibility that the two sides would become “sister provinces”.


Charge d’affaires Mr. Zhang Yue congratulated the signing of this memorandum, and expressed his appreciation to Friends of China Society(India) for its efforts to promote mutual communications between Chinese and Indian people and the friendly, cooperative relationship between both countries over the years.

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