Indian PM meets with Chinese State Councilor on bilateral relations

  Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday met here with visiting Chinese State Councilor and Chinese Special Representative to the 13th China-India Boundary Talks Dai Bingguo.

  Dai conveyed to Singh the greetings from Chinese President Hu Jintao and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, and conveyed an oral message from Premier Wen to Prime Minister Singh.

  Wen said in the message that China and India are important neighbors and major developing countries. It is in the interests of both countries and the people of the two countries to maintain peaceful co-existence and seek common development, which is also exerting a deep and far impact on Asia and the whole world.

  Wen said China is willing to work with India to increase mutual understanding and confidence, enhance cooperation in all fields, and seek new progress in building the Sino-Indian Strategic Cooperative Partnership.

  Singh asked Dai to convey his greeting to President Hu and Premier Wen. He said he completely agrees with Premier Wen regarding the latter's message.

  Singh said it is the common desire of the Indian government and Indian people to strengthen Indo-Chinese Strategic Cooperative Partnership. India is willing to work with China to expand and deepen bilateral relations.

  He said India and China share a wide range of opinions and stands in international affairs and are keeping close coordination over global issues like the international financial crisis and climate change.

  Singh said that as China's cooperative partner, India sincerely wishes to work with China to promote peace, stability and prosperity in Asia and the world.

  Singh also said that since its establishment, the mechanism of China-India Special Representatives for Boundary Issue has been playing a very positive role. He expresses his wish that both countries make further efforts to decrease differences, and find a solution to the boundary issue which can satisfy both countries.

  He also said that before the two countries settle the boundary issue, both sides should work for the maintenance of peace and calmness in the border areas.

  Dai said that in the next several years, China and India will have a rare time period of opportunity to develop bilateral relations, as well as a rare time period of opportunity to solve their boundary issue.

  Dai expressed his confidence that in conformity with the common stands reached by the leaders of the two countries, China and India have the resolve, wisdom and capability to strengthen cooperation, and make common efforts in finding a just and fair solution to the boundary issue which is acceptable to both sides.

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