Reception for the 100-member Indian Youth Delegation held by the Chinese Embassy in Delhi

    The 100-member Indian Youth Delegation to China is an exchange programme designed by the two Governments of China and India to promote mutual understanding. This year sees the 4th Indian delegation to China with members mostly college students, teachers, social workers, public servants and people from the media and their purpose to observe China's volunteer service. Members are expected to visit Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou from 15th to 24th of June.


    On the 12th of June 2009, three days before their departure for Beijing, a high-profiled reception was held by the Chinese Embassy in Delhi for the Indian delegation. In his address to the delegation Ambassador Zhang Yan has confirmed that the Chinese Government highly values the friendly youth exchange between the two nations. He said he believes that visit to Beijing and Guangzhou may largely expose the delegation to the worthy experience of the Beijing Olympic Games and the successful story of China's volunteers. He hopes that this experience may serve India as well to stage a good performance in the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Also he said that a visit to the city of Chengdu which was hit by the mega-quake a year ago may help the Indian delegation better understand the function of China's volunteer social service.

    Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports Mr. Arun Yadav who also heads the Indian delegation expressed his gratitude to his Chinese host. He said it's particularly meaningful for the young people to communicate and build personal friendship. Members will long cherish the beautiful memory of their China tour and as social workers they surely can benefit greatly from China's relevant experience.

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