"Ni Hao, Beijing!"----Greetings from New Delhi

The Birla School in south Delhi has a history of 25 years. More than 40 of the students there are learning Chinese as a foreign language. On August 6, 2008, this school invited Mr. Li Minggang, Counselor (Press) of the Chinese Embassy to issue the diploma to some of the students who have finished their Chinese course.

In his remarks, Mr. Li encouraged the students to continue learning Chinese and to become "bridges" between China and India-the two great countries when they grow up. He even challenged them to become Indian diplomats posted in China in the future.

Later, Mr. Li presented the mascot of the Beijing Olympic Games to the students and interacted with them in Chinese. The school principal and students expressed their best wishes for the Beijing Olympic Games and promised to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games and share the joy with the Chinese people. "Ni Hao, Beijing!" (Hello, Beijing!) could be heard everywhere on the school campus.

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