Ambassador Zhang Yan Attends Chinese Film Show in New Delhi


Chinese Ambassador H. E. Mr. Zhang Yan attended the show of a Chinese film―The Pretty Big Feet hosted jointly by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and the Press Club of India on July 26, 2008 along with Mr. Kaushic, Deputy Director of the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies (RGICS) and friends from the media.

In his remarks, Ambassador Zhang said that this film is one of the best in China in recent years. It depicts the lofty sense of responsibility and moral of an ordinary Chinese teacher working in a mountain village. He expressed the hope that after seeing this film, Indian friends would understand more of today's China. Apart from big, fast-growing cities like Beijing, Shanghai, China has some backward areas like the one shown in the film, too. In China today, there are still lots of work needs to be done in the economic and social fields. India and China have many similarities, facing the same huge challenge of reducing poverty and aid the poor. Our two countries should learn from and help each other to create a better life for our two peoples. The media is an important and influential group in the Indian society. We hope friends from the media could contribute to the friendship and cooperation of our two countries and peoples, and bring China-India relations to a new high.

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