India-China Friendship Association Celebrates Chinese National Day

On the Occasion of the 58th National Day of the People's Republic of China, the India-China Friendship Association organized a national convention on 29th September, 2007 in New Delhi.

In their speeches, Mr. Naren Dey, Minister of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal and Chairman of the India-China Friendship Association and Mr. Debabrata Biswas, M. P., General Secretary of the All India Forward Bloc extended their warmest greetings and best wishes to the Chinese People. They praised China for building socialism with Chinese characteristics according to its own circumstances. They noted that China's GDP is growing around 10% for the past 29 years and admired China's great achievements in both economic and social development since its reform and opening-up. They also noted that India and China are both ancient civilizations and suffered the same fate in the 19th century. Both countries initiated the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence, the "Panchsheel" in the early 1950s'. They said that India and China have no reason not to be friends and must join hands.

Mr. Sun Yuxi, Ambassador of China said that India and China should be partners, not rivals. China will not pose a threat to any other country. China's rise as well as its development will be peaceful. If India and China could speak in one voice in the world, Asia would be much stronger.

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