Message of Condolences from Premier Wen Jiabao On the Passing Away of Mr. Chandra Shekhar

On July 10, 2007, Premier Wen Jiabao sent a message to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to express the deep condolences to the passing away of Mr. Chandra Shekhar, the former Prime Minister of India.

In the message, Wen said he was shocked to learn the passing away of Mr. Chandra Shekhar and felt deeply grieved. Mr. Chandra Shekhar was a senior statesman and outstanding leader in India. During his tenure as Prime Minister, he paid great attention and made positive contributions to the friendship between China and India. Wen extended deep condolences to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and also extended, through him, the sincere sympathy to the family of Mr. Chandra Shekhar.

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