Get-together between Chinese Embassy Staff and Indian youth Delegation


On the evening of 5 June, Ambassador Sun Yuxi and all the diplomats in Chinese Embassy in Delhi hosted a get-together for 100 Indian youth delegates who will pay a 10-day visit to China at the invitation of Chinese President Hu Jintao. Their young faces revealed how excited they got at the coming visit to Beijing, Kunming, Nanjing and other cities in China.



The main hall and the ambassador's residence were decorated in a traditional Chinese way in a festive atmosphere. Chinese students who were studying in India performed classical Chinese and folk dances. One of them also showed her talent in Indian dance. Indian young dancers presented wonderful folk dances and instrumental performance. During the intervals of the performances, some quiz questions about China and China-India relations were posed and those who study Chinese of course won most of the prizes.

Head of the delegation, Minister for Youth and Sports Affairs. Mani Shankar Aiyer, and Ambassador Sun Yuxi delivered speeches, extending their heartfelt wishes and hopes. The essay by Ambassador Sun on the difference between winners and losers gained a lot of smiles and applauses. It went like this, "Winners pioneer his own road; losers follow others. Winners do more say less; losers say more do less. Winners look forward with ambitions; losers look backward with regrets…"

A Chinese-way get-together can't complete without delicious foods. Indian guests were treated with quite a big dinner. Under the clear sky of New Delhi, friends toasted for each other's health, a pleasant journey for the delegation, and even more prosperous China-India friendship…

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