Speech by Ambassador Sun Yuxi at the Prize Presentation Ceremony for Quiz on the Website Contents of Chinese Embassy

H.E. Prof. Amar K. Basu

Distinguished Professors,

Dear young friends,

A very good afternoon to you all!

Today, I am very happy to join you, my dearest young friends, to share the experience visiting Chinese Embassy website. As you know, this website was put into service in June 2001. Currently, it has 1.4 million hits and hundreds of email inquiries per month. It serves as a window presenting developments and changes in China, a platform providing practical information about visa, commercial and educational affairs for Indians, a ribbon linking Indian people who want to know China, care about China and love China. Whenever and whatever you visit Chinese Embassy website, you will find it enjoyable and productive.

I am also happy to walk back to campus, recalling my college life. The outside world is full of attractions and challenges to me when I was young. I guess you might have similar feelings when visiting our website. After a diplomatic life of 29 years, I came to India, a millennium-old friend to China. As we know, China and India are linked by common mountains and rivers, and have a lot in common. The two time-honored civilizations have both made splendid contributions to the progress of mankind. The great Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping said, "Only when both China and India get developed, can the Asia Century become reality." The fortune created by the 2.4 billion people on 12.5 million km2 land will inevitably boost the growth of the world. With more and more mutual trust and understanding, the long-term constructive and cooperative China-India partnership is bound to scale new heights.

The youth are the hope of the people, the future of the nation and messengers of peace, cooperation and development. The Quiz organized for you young college students is not once for all, but just a beginning for developing China-India friendship through internet, the most popular and modern communication method in the world. It also marks the 2006 China-India Friendship Year. I am confident that by our hands, the Chinese Embassy website will eventually be turned into a bridge across Himalaya Mountains, linking China and India in the world. I sincerely hope that through your eyes, may you bring a bright, peaceful and harmonious China to your schoolmates, your friends, your families, and Indian people at large.

Thank you!

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