Notice on the Press Coverage of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit 2006
2006-04-29 17:18:58

        The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit will be held on June 15th in Shanghai. All media who wish to cover the summit must fill up the application form on the summit website( be accredited by the Information Department of Foreign Affairs Ministry, P.R.C. Chinese media (including media from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan) should provide a name list of correspondents to the Information Department of Foreign Affairs. The media from other participating countries should also register with its relevant ministries, who will transfer the information to the Chinese embassy concerned. The media from other countries must submit application forms and confirmation letters by its headquarters to relevent Chinese embassy or consulate. Foreign media based in China may submit its application forms directly to the Information Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Deadline for submitting the application form is May 31st. The information for the arrangements of the press coverage and the collection of the press cards will be released later on this website(

The Press Group of the Secretariat of the SCO Summit Preparation Commission

Please click Chinese/English to download the Media Application Form For SCO Summit 2006.


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