Ambassador Sun Yuxi and Wife Visit Chinese News Agencies in India
(By Chinese Embassy in India)

January 16 is a Sunday and the 5th day after Mr. Sun Yuxi, Chinese Ambassador to India arrived at the Chinese Embassy in India. On the weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Sun visited 11 journalists from 5 Chinese news agencies in India, namely the Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, People's Daily, CRI and Wenhui Daily.

Ambassador Sun first extended greetings to the journalists and their families and spoke highly of their contributions to publicizing and reporting the friendly and cooperative Sino-Indian relations and introducing more about India to the Chinese people. Ambassador Sun said the Chinese news agencies in India can serve as a bridge to play a more active role in maintaining the good momentum of the development of Sino-Indian friendly relations and boosting the mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples of China and India. They should not only actively and adequately cover important events and activities in Sino-Indian relations but also introducing Indian economy and society from different perspectives and levels to a greater extent, and make more special coverage about India. In this way, more and more Chinese people will have deeper understandings about India. Ambassador Sun also attentively asked about the conditions of the journalists' work and life and expressed his willingness to try his best to resolve their difficulties.

The Chinese presspersons in India were deeply moved by the fact that Ambassador Sun and his wife's visit shortly after their arrival at the Embassy. They felt warm-hearted by the care and greetings from Ambassador Sun and his wife. They all expressed that they would make more efforts to do a better job so as to continuously contribute to deepening the understanding and friendship between the two peoples of China and India and promoting the further development of Sino-Indian relations.

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