Huawei India Donates to Indian Prime Minister's National Relief Fund

In the afternoon of January 13, Mr. Song Yixin, Vice President of Huawei China, on behalf of its two subsidiary companies in India, namely Huawei Technologies India and Huawei Telecommunications (India), and their employees, donated Rs. 2 crores and 50 lakhs (about US$560 thousand) to the Indian Prime Minister National Relief Fund.

The donation ceremony was held in the office of Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. Mr. Dayanidhi Maran, Minister of Communications and Information Technology received the donation on behalf of the Indian Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.  Mr. Song conveyed the affectionate sympathy to the Indian people in the disaster-hit areas. He said the two peoples of China and India had supported and helped each other in history. Love cannot be limited by national boundary. Huawei India received great supports and helps from all walks of life in India and had the willingness to reciprocate the Indian society. Huawei India would like to join the efforts of the Government of India to overcome the disaster and rehabilitate homelands.

Mr. Maran, on behalf of the Indian Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, expressed sincere thanks for and spoke highly of the donation. He said that the Indian Ocean Tsunamis brought calamity to India and the telecommunications facilities in the disaster-hit areas were also severely damaged. Huawei India is the first ever multinational company in India which donated such a big sum of money. In addition, telecommunications equipments worth US$500 thousand Huawei India donated would be arranged immediately for the restoration of telecommunications after the disaster.

After the Indian Ocean Tsunami took place, the Chinese government and people actively donate to the disaster-stricken countries out of the spirit of humanitarianism. Huawei has donated telecommunications equipments worth RMB 20 million and RMB 20 million in cash in total to Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

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