Condolences Offered by Shanghai Shangwen Middle School to Indian Children
(By Chinese Embassy in India)

The following is the translation of the excerpt from the message of condolence by Shanghai Shangwen Middle School to Indian children:

When it rings out of the old year, we welcome cheers and laughter. However, the sudden natural disaster befell on you. Earthquake and tsunami have taken away not only your laughter but also your family members-your life-long support.

But don't be disheartened or sad, since we are always with you, paying close attention to you, and praying for you. Maybe you have lost your family members or you are the only one of your family left after the disaster. But please remember, we are always with you.

Don't feel lonely! Our attention are always with you. You're no longer helpless since our love is with you. Remember, we are the Chinese children, Remember, we are always supporting you.

We express our best wishes for you. We are looking forward to entering the New Year with you hand in hand.

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