Unity International Foundation Confers Life-Time Achievement in Diplomacy Award on Ambassador Hua

On the evening of November 10, Indian Unity International Foundation conferred on H.E. Mr. Hua Junduo, Chinese Ambassador to India 'Life-Time Achievement Award in Diplomacy' in New Delhi in recognition of his contribution to the promotion of friendly China-Indian relationship. H.E. Mr. Rao Inderjit Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs of India was present at the awarding reception. The reception was also attended by some 100 people including President Dr. B.N. Singh, Secretary-General R.N. Anil, Chairman Jagjyoti Jain of the Unity International Foundation, diplomatic envoys and diplomats and Indian friendly personages from all walks of life.

In the awarding ceremony, Minister of State Singh delivered a friendly and cordial speech. He pointed out that during Ambassador Hua's tenure, India and China strengthened friendly relationship, expanded extensive cooperation in bilateral, regional and international affairs. He stressed that the friendly bilateral ties in the past three years foretold the bright future of the friendly contacts between the two countries. Both countries should shoulder the responsibilities of making contributions to the peace and development of the developing countries, the establishment of new international order and the promotion of multipolarization. Both the President and General-Secretary of the Unity International Foundation spoke highly of the efforts by Ambassador Hua for the China-India friendship, wishing a greater success of Ambassador Hua and his wife in China. Moreover, they said the Unity International Foundation would continue the dedication to furthering the non-governmental diplomacy between India and China, hoping that the friendly ties between the two countries could keep a good momentum of development and achieve the co-prosperity.

Ambassador Hua stated in his speech that it was very fortunate for him to experience the improvement process of the China-India relationship during his tenure. He hoped that the development momentum of the relationship between the two countries could keep going. Ambassador Hua expressed his sincere thanks for the jobs by the Unity International Foundation and other Indian friendly organizations for the promotion of the China-India friendship. He encouraged his India friends to keep on their efforts for the development of the China-India ties.

After the reception, Indian friends from all walks of life strived to have pictures taken with Ambassador Hua and bid farewell cordially.

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