Chinese Embassy in India Hosts Awarding Ceremony of Prize Competition

On November 6, the awarding ceremony of the "Prize Competition: China 101" was held in Chinese Embassy in India. H.E. Mr. Hua Junduo, Chinese Ambassador to India, Mr. Yang Linhai, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, H.E. Ms. Nimla Deshpande and H.E. Mr. Arvind Sharma, Members of Parliament of India and Mr. J. P. Agarwal, President of the India-China Society were present at the ceremony and awarded prizes to the winners. More than 200 prize winners of the competition attended the ceremony, some of whom came by train. The atmosphere of the function was solemn and ardent.

Ambassador Hua expressed warm congratulations to the winners. He pointed out that Internet provided convenient way for the two peoples of China and India to understand and interact with each other in culture. He hoped that the two peoples could have more interactions on the Internet like visiting relatives. Meanwhile, he pointed it out that only interactions on the Internet were far from enough. He hoped Indian people could have opportunities to visit China.

Ms. Nirmala Deshpande spoke highly of the competition in her speech and called for more exchanges between the two peoples. Mr. Arvind Sharma and Mr. J.P. Agarwal respectively reviewed the China-India friendly ties in recent years in their speeches and thanked the Chinese Embassy for its organization of the competition which was of far-reaching importance. They hoped that through Internet more Indians, youngsters in particular, could know more about China, the great neighbour of India, wishing the friendship between the two peoples could last forever.

The First Prize winner Miss Zeda Nasim, who was from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, delivered a speech on behalf of the prize winners. She said that this competition provided a new way for them to understand Chinese culture. They got much new information about China and benefit a great deal by participating in the competition. They hoped that more similar activities could be organized by the Embassy.

The competition in India was launched in the middle of September through various channels like Internet, the website of the Embassy, rallies and interviews, etc. Several hundreds of answering sheets were received at the closing date of October 31. The participants included civil servants, friendly personages, clerks, college and middle school teachers, students and even housewives aging from 8 to 80s who were from Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, the Madhya Pradesh and many other Indian regions.

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