State Councilor Tang Meets With Indian Media

In the morning of October 20, China's State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan, being on a goodwill visit to India, met with Indian mainstream media persons, including the heads and editors of ten English newspapers and three news agencies.

State Councilor Tang extended welcome to the guests present at the tea meeting and said in his opening remarks that he was very pleased to see the achievement India had made in the recent years. Tang elaborated China's policy towards India and expressed the good will of the Chinese Government to further enhance the China-India relations. Tang also expressed his hope that Indian mainstream media would pay closer attention to China and Sino-India relations and play an active role in promoting understanding and friendship between the two countries. State Councilor Tang then answered various questions asked by the media persons on China-India boundary issues, border trade, reform of the United Nations Security Council and so on.

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