Clarification by Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy

(By Chinese Embassy in India)

The report entitled "Latest weapon in China's hands: Lake bomb" carried by The Asian Age on August 17 has ignored reality and stood baseless, at which the Chinese side expresses deep regret and dissatisfaction. The newspaper is requested to take immediate measures to clarify facts and eliminate the unfavorable influence.

Recently, the river of Pareechu in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China has been blocked by a dam formed by landslide. Proceeding from our bilateral friendly ties and humanitarianism, the Chinese side sent several working groups risking their lives to visit the landslide site in spite of poor natural conditions and conveyed to the Indian side the first hand information in time. Since the end of July, the Chinese side has kept 24-hour contacts with the Indian side and notified the latter for several dozens of times. Sometimes the Chinese side called the Indian side 4 to 5 times even within one day, reminding them to make essential preparations for flood. 

Immediately after the overflowing of the river, the Chinese Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Shen Guofang briefed the Indian Ambassador to China personally. Because of its remoteness, difficult terrain, continuous landslides and lack of guaranteed safety, the Chinese personnel couldn't have access to the site of landslide. The Indian side expressed understanding for Indian experts' not being able to visit the site of landslide. The measures taken by the Chinese side are sincere and unselfish with the aim of going all out to safeguard the lives and property of the Chinese and Indian peoples. The Indian government made positive comments on these measures and expressed appreciation and thanks for many times to the Chinese government.

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