Embassy Spokesperson: Chinese Government Attaches Importance to the Landslide in China's Tibet

The river of Parechu in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China has been blocked by a landslide since last July. Attaching great importance to the issue, the departments concerned on the Chinese side have been working day and night, monitoring closely the development of the situation and studying seriously measures to cope with it. Meanwhile, taking full note of the concern of the Indian side, the Chinese side has carefully studied the suggestions and requirements of the India side and conveyed the relevant information to the Indian side in time.

The blockage of the river is located in the Ali (Ngari) Prefecture of China's Tibet that features high altitude, remoteness, difficult terrain and poor transportation and communication. Particularly, this area is currently undergoing a high flood season. The increase of the rainfall and water flow from the upper reaches results in a continuous rise of water level and possibility of dam bursting or overflowing at any time. Moreover, landslide, mud-rock flow and riverway blockade happen intermittently as well.

In spite of the poor natural conditions and many difficulties, China's departments and personnel concerned have sent several working groups to visit the landslide site. We have conveyed various information collected to the Indian side in time and reminded the latter to make preparations for disaster prevention. We would continue to brief the Indian side on the latest development in a timely manner.

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