Qian Qichen Present at the International Conference on "UN and the New Threats: Rethinking Securities"

Chinese former Vice Premier of the State Council Qian Qichen was invited to the international conference on "UN and the New Threats: Rethinking Securities" jointly sponsored by Indian Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies and the United Nations Foundation in New Delhi from July 1 to 3. The conference was attended by the UN High Level Panel Convener Anand Panyarachun, some Panel members and nearly 40 experts and scholars mainly from the South Asia region. During the conference, Qian Qichen delivered a keynote speech comprehensively elaborating the viewpoints on the threats with which the developing countries were confronted and the proposals on dealing with these threats. On July 2, Qian Qichen attended Indian President's meeting with the UN High Level Panel Members at the President's residence.

(Chinese Embassy in India)



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